Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Do I get a CD with the images?"

A:A digital file, with quality optimized for the web, is available for every image purchased. These will be given on a CD, via email, or through Facebook. These images are not for printing. Some higher end packages contain full resolution images that can be printed. Full resolution images are available for purchase for business and commercial use.

Q: How do I view and order my portraits?

A:Your ordering session can be right after the photo session or you can make an appointment for another day or time. To help you make the best decision your images will be shown on a large projection screen. Enhancements will be discussed and shown, such as choices for head swaps, different crop choices, etc. Multiple images can be viewed at the same time to simplify the decision process.

Q: "Can I view my images online?"

A:Occasionally when the need arises, an online gallery can be created for a short period of time. Because it is very difficult to choose your beautiful images by viewing them on a small computer screen, we recommend you make an appointment for an ordering session. To make it easier for those who may be from out of town or long distances from the studio, images can be shown immediately after the session.

Q: "What sizes of prints do you offer?"

A:Every size portrait is available from Wayman Studio from sizes that will fit in your wallet to sizes that will fill a wall in your home.

All standard print sizes are available, plus panoramic or stretched sizes. Not every portrait pose fits in the standard frame dimension. During the ordering session, different crops will be shown to make the ideal portrait sizes for your walls and décor.

Q: "What should we wear to our session?"

A:The most important thing to remember is that everyone is dressed comfortably for your session so that smiles and expressions are natural. Choose colors and types of clothing that you look and feel good in. If you like the look of a portrait where everyone is in the same color, then choose one color. If you want a different look for your portrait, then go for that. For indoor portraits, any color will work well. The all white background is a great choice for casual, relaxed, colorful clothing.

For a more formal look, the large brown background, or the smaller areas with the blue background, or the "Tuscan" background work well.

For more detailed information, call 801-254-4374 for a free consultation with the Wayman Studio staff. We will help you coordinate your wardrobe for the best portrait artwork. Also check our Portrait Design section on this website for further information.

Q: Do you go on location or just at your studio?

A:You can choose any location for your portraits. There are advantages to both:

A half-acre of landscaped studio gardens gives a lot of different outdoor portrait backgrounds without hiking through rough terrain. If the weather changes, no worries! With the studio building right there, plans can be changed instantly without rescheduling an appointment. The studio is large enough to handle even big extended families with ease. In-studio portraits are a controlled setting for lighting and atmosphere. No need to be concerned about wind blowing your hair, extremes in cold or hot temperatures or bright sun.

Whether in the mountains with fall leaves, moving water, or snow, on a farm or ranch with your animals, at a local popular landmark, or in your home for a very personal look, choosing a location for your portrait session gives a unique look to your portrait. There is an extra charge for location sessions.