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Portrait Guide

It takes planning to create your best portrait, so that it is a unique piece of artwork and not just another photograph. By taking some time before your portrait session, you can guarantee that your final portrait is exactly what you wanted and planned for.

1. Schedule design consultation

Before you even schedule your portrait session, call or come in and chat with Paul or Linda. Tell us your needs, hopes, and what you expect for your final portrait. We will help you design your perfect portrait.

2. Choose your location

Our half-acre of landscaped studio gardens offers a range of outdoor portrait backgrounds without hiking through rough terrain. If the weather changes, no worries! With the studio building right there, plans can be changed instantly without rescheduling an appointment.

Our camera studio is large enough to handle even big extended families with ease. In-studio portraits offer a controlled setting for lighting and atmosphere. No need to be concerned about wind blowing your hair, uncomfortable temperatures, or bright sun in your eyes.

In the mountains with fall leaves, moving water, or snow. On a farm or ranch with your animals. At a special local landmark full of memories. The location you choose for your portrait session makes your portrait unique, and we do it all. (Contact us for a quote for a location session as prices will vary.)

3. Plan and Measure

Knowing ahead of time where your portraits will be displayed will help set the design tone for the portrait and the session.

Measure your portrait display walls and write down the measurements. This will help make your final portrait decision as you design your portrait collection to be a focal point in your décor. An appropriately sized portrait fills the space it is hung in without crowding the space.

4. Plan what to wear

For a more cohesive portrait, it is recommended to choose simple clothing within the same tonal or color ranges. The style and background chosen should complement what you choose and highlight you as the star of the photo. For more detailed information, download our free What to Wear Guide. During your design consultation, clothing options can be discussed as well.

5. Session Day

Since you have planned the entire session in advance, you will be relaxed, comfortable, and prepared during the photoshoot. All you need to do is come to the studio and smile. Plan ahead to avoid scheduling conflicting activities that can cause stress or anxiety during the session. (Sunburn on the morning of your session is not a good thing!)

Relax and let us take care of the photography for you. We have done this thousands of times! Plan about 45 minutes for small families, individuals, seniors, and couples, and an hour and a half for extended families.

We provide a family friendly movie and popcorn to keep kids entertained when it isn’t their turn to get their pictures taken. If an outdoor session is planned and weather becomes an issue, we can always move indoors to our studio.

6. Ordering Session

Your ordering session can be right after the photo session, or you can make an appointment for another day or time. To help you make the best decision, your images will be shown on a large projection screen. Multiple images can be viewed at the same time to make detailed comparisons and find your perfect portrait. An ordering session usually takes at least an hour.

We understand that purchasing and arranging art isn’t something you do every day and it may feel a little daunting. The good news is that arranging portraits IS something we do every day, and we would love to answer any of your questions and share with you what we’ve learned over the years.

7. Retouching

We pay close attention to the small details that are important to you. Skin is softened and blemishes removed, so you are the star of your portrait. With 16 years of Photoshop experience in retouching portraits, we know exactly how to remove any imperfections to make your skin look flawless. Background and clothing fixes, changing out a smile from another shot, even adding a person who was unable to make it to the session are all available services to make your portrait exactly what you want it to be.

8. Printing and Delivery

Your portrait order will be printed at a lab that specializes in professionally printing portraits. Each print is hand-crafted and quality checked by a professional. Whatever print material you choose—print, canvas, or metal—you will leave the studio with a high-quality finished product.